I wanted to thank you SOOOO much.  J. was going over his schedule with my mom, and we both couldn’t believe how HE GETS the whole time-concept-thing now-about a million times better than he did before coming to you!! He actually KNOWS HIS SCHEDULE and consults his calendar often! (By the way, I bought him 5 calendars or so over the years. He never used any of them…)   


-parent of high school junior (Great Neck, NY)


As a mental health professional and parent of a teenager on the spectrum,  I found Ronni Aronow’s consulting services  invaluable in helping us organize our approach to the college application process, expanding our repertoire of choices, and learning about resources available for further self-education.   I recommend Ronni without reservation.


-parent of high school senior (Westchester, NY)


Worki​ng with a college coach didn't turn out the way I expected.  It was better. I think everyone should have one! She was more of a friend. A guide. Someone I directed with goals I set for myself, and she helped me achieve them. And I could not be more grateful.


-college student,  Smith College graduate (Northampton, MA)


Ronni was able to help me both with my academic work as well as with my social interactions. We were able to connect not only in a student to tutor relationship, but also as friends. The valuable tricks she taught me will be very useful to me throughout my life.


-high school senior (Huntington, NY)


As a parent, I saw my son become more self reliant and confident. He learned how to manage his time and academic load better.


-parent of high school senior (Huntington, NY)


Ronni spoke to my daughter weekly, via Skype, to help improve conversational skills and organization. She always empowered her to find easy ways to lessen anxiety during daily activities, which improved her confidence and created a greater sense of mastery.


-parent of high school freshman (Brooklyn, NY)





Ronni Aronow M.A., M.S.

College Transition Coach


Supporting high school and college students with individualized strategies to strengthen skills in Executive Functioning, Social Communication and Stress Management. 



Stress Awareness Workshops designed for groups of high school and college students. 


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